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Oct 1, 2017

Cody is joined by podcaster/comedian Kristin Lytie and podcast host/improviser Eric Scull to discuss the intricacies of British aristocracy as they pertain to the realm of Belgian horticulturalists and polite criticism of a Dame in Her Majesty’s literary service. You can find your copy of Passenger to Frankfurt in the furthest-back part of the Agatha Christie display at your local Barnes and Noble. 
'Passenger to Frankfurt'
by Agatha Christie
Christie's superb stand-alone mystery, Passenger to Frankfurt, is a true masterwork of surprise and suspense, as a diplomat comes to the aid of a terrified woman in an airport, only to find that his identity has been stolen and his life is suddenly in serious jeopardy.
Sir Stafford Nye's flight home from Malaya takes an unprecedented twist when a young woman confides in him that someone is trying to kill her. In a moment of weakness, he agrees to lend her his passport. Unwittingly, the diplomat has put his own life on the line.
When he meets the mystery woman again, she is a different person, and he finds himself drawn into a battle against an invisible—and altogether more dangerous—enemy. . . .
Show Notes:
Currently Reading:
’Speaker for the Dead‘ by Orson Scott Card
‘The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl’ by Issa Rae
‘You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain’ by Phoebe Robinson
‘We are Never Meeting in Real Life’ by Samantha Irby
Topics: trains, Manhattans, 27 Hitlers, The Parent Trap, aristocracy, posture play, The Mockingjay, conspiracy, Alzheimer's, the news.
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