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May 2, 2016

This is, by far, a doozy of an episode in terms of emotional toll taken on Cody as he is joined by comedian Patrick McManus and friend-of-the-show comedian and podcaster Peter-john Byrnes to talk meninist budgets.Yep,exactly what you think (and more). You can get your copy of the book on Amazon, but, just don't. That's OUR budget advice to you.

''Bachelor Pad Economics' by Aaron Clarey

“Bachelor Pad Economics” is THE financial advice bible for men…and any women who are bold enough to read it! Whether you’re 14 and just trying to figure out life, or 70 and starting to think about estate planning, “Bachelor Pad Economics” addresses every major (and minor) economic and financial issue the average man will face in his ENTIRE life. From dating, to what to major in,to purchasing a home, to starting a business, to children and“wife training,”“Bachelor Pad Economics” is the wisdom you wish the father-you-never-had gave you. Written FOR GUYS it is candid,blunt, honest and everything else Oprah isn’t, and will give you the road map you need to provide direction and purpose in your life.

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