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Jul 15, 2017

Cody is joined by comedians Ashley Huck and Jenn White to deal with the number one threat to ants: wolves! You can find the book on Amazon and in a very—I’m sure—well intentioned, but misguided school counselor’s office. 
I'm Not Scared... I'm Prepared! 
by Julia Cook  (Author), Michelle Hazelwood Hyde (Illustrator)
(Grades K and Up) The teacher at the Ant Hill School wants her students to be prepared - for everything! One day, she teaches her students what to do if a "dangerous someone" is in their school. Unfortunately, in the world we now live in, we must ask ourselves the essential question: What options do I have for survival, if I ever find myself in a violent intruder event? "I'm Not Scared…I'm Prepared!" will enhance the concepts taught by the ALICE Training Institute, and make them applicable to children of all ages in a non-fearful way. By using this book, children can develop a better understanding of what needs to be done if they ever encounter a "dangerous someone.”
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