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Oct 15, 2017

Cody is re-joined by writers/comedians Dan Sheehan and Tyler Snodgrass to avoid talking about baseball while being forced to talk about baseball. You can find your copy of the book at the house of your local old man after you accidentally hit a ball into his yard which also contains a very large dog. 
'Fathers, Sons, & Holy Ghosts: Baseball as a Spiritual Experience'
by Austin Gisriel 
No other sport, and indeed few other activities evoke as much passion as does baseball. It is a passion that unites generations and genders, laborers and lawyers, Republicans and Democrats. Baseball serves as a common language, a unified way of perceiving the world, a means to greater understanding. Baseball’s shrines, rituals, myths, and heroes certainly give it a religious aura, but many activities may be pursued “religiously.” Baseball is beyond religion. It is a living myth that puts us in touch with Eternity, with the Infinite. Its Miracle is not some long-ago act that contradicts the laws of physics. Its Miracle is the scrubbing away of cynicism to reveal the fresh-faced child within who is ready to believe, eager to believe, who does believe. Fathers, Sons, & Holy Ghosts: Baseball as a Spiritual Experience is an examination in memoir form of how baseball nourishes the spiritual side of those who are part of the game.
Show Notes:
Currently Reading:
Kurt Vonnegut
‘Runnin’ with the Devil’ by Noel E. Monk & Joe Layden
‘You’re Not Doing It Right’ by Michael Ian Black
‘Annihilation’ by Jeff VanderMeer
‘Believe Me’ by Eddie Izzard
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