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Nov 1, 2017

Cody is re-joined by comedian, actor, and writer Elliot Lerner and comedian, writer, and illustrator Dave Stinton // to get The Nemesis out of your Nabisco! You can find your copy of the book at the house of your neighbor who has a lot of free time. 
'Help Lord - The Devil Wants Me Fat!' 
by C.S.Lovett
1977: Learn HOW the devil is able to influence our eating an how to deal with him. Learn how to deal with your appetite. Last learn how to de-program yourself from bad eating habits.
1982: Book by C.S.Lovett
1995: A wonderful book concerning weight loss.
Show Notes:
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‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace
‘Leaving the Atocha Station’ by Ben Lerner
‘Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting TogetherIn The Cafeteria?’ by Beverly Daniel Tatum
'Your blues ain't like mine’ by Bebe Moore Campbell
Longform Investigative Journalism
Topics: SATAN, THE LORD, C.S. Lewis, Dan Nainan, dieting, eating disorders, blame, Savior, calories, hunger, The Cave, Judaism, conspiracy, hunger.
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