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Jan 29, 2018

Cody is joined by comedian and podcaster Brandie Posey to DEFINITELY NOT UPSET ANYONE ABOUT POLITICS. You can find your copy of the book online and in the apartment of, like, the worst of your dude friends. Like, he’s a good enough guy… but… you wouldn’t let him talk to your boss at a work party.
‘Bernie Sanders for President 2016: A Political Revolution’
by John Davis BA JD LLM
Why vote for Bernie Sanders for President in 2016?
This fascinating book explores all that voters need to understand about the issues. The book includes many references to the legislative initiatives of Senator Sanders, and, his supporters, including Senator Elizabeth Warren. The book is intended to empower voters to understand how and why Bernie has become the champion of the People in the darkest hours facing our disappearing middle class, and the poor in America.
The book begins with an analysis of the 40 years of corruption and tyranny, by our own leaders, the media and large corporations, to exploit the people of the United States, economically and otherwise.
Remaining Chapters explore the major issues facing Americans in the upcoming election, including: (1) The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (fast track); (2) Tax breaks for the wealthy, and corporate welfare; (3) Perpetual debt, and perpetual war, as a form of slavery over the American People; (4) Criminal Justice reforms; (5) Too Big to Fail (TBTF) banks; (6) The conspiracy to lower wages and working conditions for every working American; (7) Wall Street reforms and many other issues facing Americans.
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