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Mar 1, 2017

Cody is joined by comic and writer Elizabeth O'Neill and comedian and podcaster Zach Peterson to FINALLY answer the ultimate personal question we all have to ask ourselves. You can find the book on Amazon, I'm sure some library somewhere, or at Ezekiel's house. Hi, Ezekiel!

What Makes Me Amish?

by Charles George

This new series offers a vivid, practical discussion of the world’s major religions. Each book in the series examines the origins of a specific religion, its core beliefs, important rituals or customs and their meanings, holidays, and contemporary changes and challenges. Thorough indexes and full-color photographs enhance all volumes in this series.

Titles include:

What Makes Me A Jehovah’s Witness?

What Makes Me A Muslim?

What Makes Me A Protestant?

What Makes Me A Quaker?

What Makes Me A Unitarian?


Show Notes:

Currently Reading:

'Writing Movies For Fun and Profit' by Thomas Lennon & Ben Garant

'Win Forever' by Pete Carroll

'Personal History' by Katharine Graham

'The Swans of Fifth Avenue' by Melanie Benjamin

'Why Not Me?' by Mindy Kaling

Puppet opinions, Ska information,  The Polyphonic Spree, FNICK, Amish stereotypes, momsplaining, Weird Al, outlet malls, Amish Ska bands, Anabaptists, sad bocce ball and other games, sexy Amish?

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