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Apr 15, 2016

Cody is joined by writer and podcaster Jennifer Roger and comedian Whitney Wasson FINALLY solve the age-old dilemma of growing your breasts, but with only your mind power. You can get your own copy on Amazon or at your weird neighbor who went through a late hippie phase in the 70s' house.

'Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power: How to Use the Other 90 % of Your Mind to Increase the Size of Your Breasts' by Donald L. Wilson M.D.

Recent medical studies support the fact that mental techniques can increase breast size. The Total Mind Power techniques are a new hope for natural bust enlargement. The techniques are harmless, and you have nothing to lose by using them. What is so rewarding is that they produce a natural type of bust enlargement which can be controlled and maintained according to your own desires.

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