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Sep 4, 2016

Cody is joined by comedians Erik Niewiarowski and Jerry Tran to learn the way of the stern, loving, but VERY STERN parent in the light of The Lord. You can get your own copy of the book on Amazon or at that weird, rundown church you should stop going to.

What's A Parent To Do?

This is not a manual on how to raise kids in Christ. It deals specifically with teens. It shows how to salvage them for the Lord after parents have goofed. Those with the courage to try the Bible's method of dealing with self-willed teens, will be happy with the way the Holy Spirit backs their actions. The author states, "In a permissive society it is easier for parents to say, "YES," than handle the guff they get when they say, "NO!" Yet, handling those squawks is vital for Christian guidance. Young people are healthier and happier if they do not get their own way, but learn to handle disappointment. What you do and say in the first FIVE SECONDS after you child asks..."WHY NOT?"...measures your ability to be a Christian parent. Pastor Lovett is able to express profound things of God in simple, practical language, his writings strengthen Christians all over the world. He has completed graduate work in Psychology at Los Angeles State College and holds an honorary doctorate from Protestant Episcopal University in London. He is a retire Air Force Chaplain with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

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