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Feb 26, 2018

Cody is joined by writer and comedic personality Kristin Clifford to discuss our future husbands who let us leave the house to talk to each other. You can find your copy of the book online and at your very specific aunt’s house.
‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’
by Debi Pearl
Being a good help meet starts long...

Feb 12, 2018

Cody is joined by comedian and podcaster Bobby Hill to kick it in the kitchen with Coolio (and finally have a fun, not harrowingly political episode). You can find your copy of the book online and at your cousin Jarez’s house.
Cookin' with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price’
by Coolio

Feb 5, 2018

This is the first episode of the brand new podcast by Cody Melcher available now on its own feed. It's a podcast of whimsy, discovery, wonder, and bullshit. Cody Melcher takes topic suggestions from listeners dives deep into the Google rabbithole to discover more about not only the topic, but how our information...